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Innovation → Interaction

We are Fi, a student-run design agency at UC San Diego.

We live in an ecosystem of innovation

UC San Diego aims to be a leader for that ecosystem, to help drive social and economic prosperity. Unfortunately, there's not enough resources that the campus can offer for all ideas.

It's time for the scholars of our school to give a helping hand.

Fi was born

We created Fi with the goal of delivering user-centered design solutions to projects occurring across campus.
We're a group of interdisciplinary students, who believe our methods and design practices will help ideas from UCSD succeed.

With leadership, collaboration, and strong morale, we're destined to meeting this goal, one idea at a time.

We're small, but building traction

Our first ongoing project focuses on improving UC San Diego Library's website for accessibility and clear usage.
We're surrounded by a network of fellow students, entrepreneurs, and mentors in the innovation community in San Diego.

We're disrupting how students collaborate with their community. We encourage you to join us in our movement.

What do we do?

Fi sticks to a philosophy that ensures successful collaboration with every client we contact and every project we lay hands on.
This philosophy stretches across several disciplines of design, including design heuristics, the user-based feedback loop, and lean startup strategies.

Client interaction

Every step of the way involves the client or the stakeholders involved with the project. We use their expertise in the project domain with our practices in UX design.

The user is everything

We talk to our client's users, too. They're the group we're primarily designing for, so we ensure to keep their feedback in mind when we perform interviews, focus groups, and prototype testing.

An adaptive process

Each idea is different in its own domain. We understand that, and use our collaborative thinking to be creative with each new project.

Readable results

Design choices are hard to follow. We make it easier with our documented process through each project, and explain viability to our clients in the easiest ways possible.

Brands are in demand

With stakeholders in mind, we maintain brand recognition while bringing new looks and faces to their products and services.

In-house collaboration

We're open to sharing our results with our client's existing teams or platforms to get a new MVP up and running.

How do I get involved?

There's several roles you can play in growing Fi.

Apply to the team

We're looking for students on a rolling basis to help design new projects.

Be a client

Throw any new project at us. We're ready to design for ideas of all kinds.

Get into contact

Want more information about our projects? Want to mentor us and teach us "fellow kids"?
We're more than excited for your input.